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How It Works

The DrChrono Affiliate Program is a reward based program for all DrChrono partners to participate in the growth of DrChrono. Once approved, you’ll receive access to education, tracking, reporting, payments, and your unique affiliate form to track each referral. Simply refer users who may benefit from using DrChrono, and you’ll be rewarded with industry-leading commission, support, and resources. The program is free to join with no monthly charges.

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The affiliate program is for people interested in ongoing consulting and affiliate marketing opportunities with DrChrono, whereas our colleague referral program is less focused on recurring business rewards and instead available for practices that know of other providers who may be interested in using DrChrono. You can learn more about our Refer a Colleague program here.

Fill out the form here to get started. Once approved, you will receive a welcome email from affiliate@drchrono.com with a referral link that you will use to submit referrals, as well as resources to start marketing for DrChrono.

Your personalized referral link is sent in your Affiliate welcome email from the email address: affiliate@drchrono.com. You can search for the correspondence in your Inbox by using this email address: affiliate@drchrono.com

Submit your referrals by using the “Submit Referral” button found in your Welcome email. You can search for the correspondence in your Inbox by using this email address: affiliate@drchrono.com

This link is unique to your affiliate account and the only way we can process referrals.

Tip: Bookmark the link to the “Submit Referral” button now to avoid digging through your email in the future.

Affiliate referrals are compensated by check payments. DrChrono’s finance department will contact you directly. Please contact affiliate@drchrono.com if you have further questions.

Our team is no longer manually adding in referrals to ensure that all of your referrals are collected and added to the right opportunity. Our sales and account management team will also redirect you to use this link for referrals if you call or email them.

The person you refer must sign a contract with DrChrono and pay for three months.

Payout is given 3 months after annual contract is signed, the referral has paid 3 payments successfully with DrChrono. You will be notified by our Finance team.

The pay rate varies based on the referral. The reward paid out to you will be two months of your referral’s monthly rate.

Example: If you referred “Practice A” and they pay DrChrono $250/month under their contract, you would receive a $500 reward after “Practice A” has paid 3 payments successfully to DrChrono.

Yes, applications are not approved unless a W-9 was provided by the applicant.

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