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Robust Clinical Solution for Multispecialty Group Practices

Improve care coordination and communication between specialties with flexibility and customizability of DrChrono EHR.

  • Choose from our extensive library of specialty-specific templates, or work with DrChrono to create ones customized for your practice.
  • View clinical patient flags to quickly note patient demographics and color coordinate by provider.
  • Drag-and-drop form building makes it easy to build extensive templates that accommodate data from multiple specialties within the same patient chart.
  • Multiple staff members can securely access patient charts without the risk of missing chart notes, losing claims or security breaches.
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Seamless Practice Management Between Specialties

Multispecialty practices have a unique model that requires providers of different disciplines to easily collaborate with other providers and staff within your multi-specialty practice.

  • Our secure API connection and integration with hospital systems mean you can safely and conveniently share information to and from providers.
  • Use patient flags to attach important information to a chart or appointment that is visible across multiple providers.
  • Admin control allows you to set staff permissions across all locations and practices to ensure regulation adherence.
  • Appointment templates and profiles let you categorize and outline specific slots for each doctor or specialty. Automated eligibility checks let you verify coverage of multiple patients at a time and in real time.
  • Securely send referrals, easily keep track of referral history and attach necessary notes, including free draws or DICOM images, with one button.
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Hands Off Billing with DrChrono RCM

Make payment collection easier and faster across multiple specialties with DrChrono RCM.

  • With a 96% clean claim rate, let our expert medical coders in each process your claims successfully in a timely manner.
  • Receive support and consistent communication from a dedicated and certified RCM account manager.
  • Frequent reports give you transparent, reliable, actionable insight into your practice’s financial performance.
  • Remove yourself from the medical billing workflow and gain more time to work with patients.
  • All rejections are followed up within 48 hours by our expert medical billers who work closely with clearinghouses and insurance companies.
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Scalable EHR and medical billing whitepaper.

Multispecialties are inherently large practices due to the various conditions each group treats. See how DrChrono can be the medical billing and multispecialty solution that your practice needs.

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Complete RCM solution whitepaper

Ensuring proper claim submission and managing revenue gets complicated quickly when billing various specialties. See how DrChrono can be a one-stop-shop for medical billing and claims management.

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Smart fields and smart switches training video

Our clinical modules detail relevant features, such as smart fields and smart switches. These let you house fields from all specialties but only view and chart those pertinent to your specialty, keeping all the notes in a single place.

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Custom vitals training video

Utilize our custom vitals and vital flowsheets to not only see up-to-date patient data, but to plot data points on a chart to view historical trends for your patients.

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Black Book’s #1 Mobile EHR (2013-2022)

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1st Mobile EHR to be an Apple Mobility Partner

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Med Tech Award 2022 EHR Innovation

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DEVIES Award Winning API

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