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The Ultimate EHR Selection Checklist

The Short List of Features You Need for Your Practice

Selecting an electronic health records (EHR) platform for your practice is a serious decision. After all, an EHR impacts every aspect of your practice, from scheduling and clinical notes to billing. Ensuring you make the right decision requires a disciplined approach to analyzing EHR features and functionality. Use this checklist to take the pain out of selecting the right EHR for your practice.

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Meaningful Use

Ensure that your EHR solution is Meaningful Use Stage 3 certified

Selecting an EHR that is certified for Meaningful Use will allow you to qualify for the Meaningful Use Incentive program. For a provider leaving an uncertified EHR or starting from scratch, you can start the next reporting period to avoid penalties. For providers that are leaving a certified EHR, you can combine your data to attest for the current reporting period.

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Workflow Customization

Your EHR should be able to be customized to your work style and practice.

Ensure that your EHR lets you customize your workflow with customizable clinical forms and medical templates. Some EHRs position themselves as built for a specialty but don't offer flexibility while others build custom templates for new clients to make sure your EHR is ready to use from day one.

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Native iPad/iPhone Applications

Your EHR platform should provide you with web access in addition to a native experience on the iPad or iPhone.

Native iPad apps provide the full functionality of all of the iPad's features such as the built-in camera and free draw tools as well as the ease-of-use associated with a true native app. You should not have to worry about the loss of functionality caused by having to access your EHR on an iPad via an internet browser. Additionally, web capabilities should offer full administrative access for your staff who may use a laptop or desktop.

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