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EHR iPad and iPhone

Provide Care. Anywhere.

Give patients your undivided attention with advanced charting capability.

  • Utilize pre-built behavioral health forms that include PHQ-9 questionnaires, bio-psycho-social assessments forms, MSE findings forms as well as GAFs associated with your subspecialty, or build your own forms exactly how you like them.
  • Spend more time focusing on building patient relationships by streamlining charting with medical speech-to-text, Chart by Voice, or pre-programmed macro buttons that plug in entire phrases or paragraphs.
  • E-prescribe antidepressants, antipsychotic medications, sedatives and anxiolytics, mood stimulants, and more, from anywhere to get your patients the medication they need, when they need it.
  • Easily access and use patients medication history to securely order refills.
  • Flag patient attributes, including their temperament or medication history so you can provide the best care even after not seeing them for some time.
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Conduct Video Visits

  • Schedule and conduct visits directly from your EHR platform without additional downloads or integrations.
  • Let patients schedule their own in-person or video visits from their patient portal.
  • Patients have the option to receive a link to their virtual visit without any set-up required on their end.
  • Quickly and easily schedule a new telemedicine visit, or convert an existing in-person visit to a Video Visit with one click.
  • After scheduling a Video Visit through DrChrono’s telemedicine platform, allow patients to sign forms and fill out background questions.
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Run a Patient First Practice

Streamline administrative tasks and improve patient encounters.

  • Allow patients to sign and submit all forms and insurance information online before the appointment or via the Mobile Check-in App.
  • Allow patients to fill out necessary forms before getting to the appointment to help you better understand, assess, and care for your patients' behavioral health condition.
  • Reduce no shows and keep patients on track with their treatments using automated appointment reminders.
  • Reach patients unable to visit the office with secure HIPAA compliant messaging and face-to-face telemedicine for any off-site appointments.
  • Use appointment profiles to quickly schedule different appointment types and lengths.
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Medical Billing Compatibility to DSM-5 Coding

Improve data accuracy and productivity with integrated practice management, EMR and billing platform.

  • Eliminate multiple data entries or errors - enter information once and have data pass throughout our seamlessly integrated system.
  • Use Billing Profiles to bundle codes for common diagnoses such as depression or ADHD, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.
  • Auto-populate billing codes directly into your psychiatry notes and superbills, full compatibility with DSM-5 coding so you get paid what you deserve.
  • Utilize our real-time eligibility verification to keep track of claims submitted and their status with the clearinghouse and insurance companies - to make sure you receive the proper reimbursement for common psychiatric procedures.
  • Make billing more efficient with our bulk claims, live claims feed, and a reporting dashboard.
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Full-Service Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Let our billing experts manage your billing so you can focus on patient care.

  • Improve clean claim rates with billing profiles that automatically populate codes and modifiers to your claims.
  • 48 hours turnaround on denials with additional education to make sure highest reimbursement is achieved.
  • Let our experienced medical coders curb loss of revenue by reviewing your psychiatry notes and applying the proper codes.
  • Receive dedicated support from a team of revenue collection experts and medical billing specialists focused on optimizing clean claim rate, collections, and payments for your practice.
  • Stay up to date with your practice’s performance through reports and updates from your RCM team.
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Black Book’s #1 Mobile EHR (2013-2022)

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1st Mobile EHR to be an Apple Mobility Partner

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Med Tech Award 2022 EHR Innovation

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