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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Cloud-based Electronic Health Records (EHRs), like DrChrono, have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their numerous advantages, such as:

Mobility and convenience – A cloud-based EHR allows you to access records whenever and wherever you'd like. Designed with mobility in mind, DrChrono lets you easily switch back and forth between devices. The DrChrono mobile EHR app also lets you use pro cameras that enhance the medical experience, and you can now use it with touch, pencil, keyboard and trackpad.

Implementation is simpler–Implementation can be done quickly because there’s no need to install hardware or software. With cloud-based EHR systems, practices can get up to speed faster while maintaining their business operations with minimal disruption.

Cost savings - Client-server systems often mean investing tens of thousands in setup and additional software licensing fees. With a cloud-based EHR, you pay a regular subscription fee with no upfront hardware costs or expensive software licenses.

Reduced IT resource requirements– Moving your medical records to the cloud can free up a lot of time and resources. A cloud-based EHR system eliminates the need for a local IT team to manage and maintain hardware and software. The clinic can focus on patient care and leave IT support to the vendor.

Improved security – Local servers can be vulnerable to security breaches or physical damage. Cloud vendors typically operate large data centers with high levels of security, backup, and recovery systems. These data centers employ security procedures such as encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection software.

Scalability – Cloud-based EHR systems provide flexibility and can accommodate the changing needs of a medical practice. Practices can easily scale up or down as their needs change. A cloud-based EHR system can also accommodate multiple clinics or offices, which is especially useful for medical practices with satellite locations.

A: At DrChrono, we believe in an exceptional customer onboarding experience. You'll first receive a warm welcome email from your Account Executive and Implementation Specialist with all the necessary information including login details.

Then there will be a dedicated kick-off call where any questions or concerns can be addressed. Next up is implementation training with your friendly Implementation Specialist who's here to assist you throughout the process. Finally, it’ll be time for graduation day when you are introduced to your personal Account Manager—a reliable contact point whenever help is needed on our end!

A: Yes! You will receive comprehensive training designed to help you get the most from the system. Your Implementation Specialist will get you up and running quickly with six, one-hour training sessions:

  1. Scheduling – This will include everything related to the scheduling feature, starting with basic concepts and working up to the higher-level scheduling functions.
  2. Forms – This will include using the form builder in DrChrono to create custom forms for intake and encounter documentation.
  3. Charting – This will include how to document a clinical encounter, how to transmit an electronic prescription, navigate the patient chart, lock g clinical notes, how to make amendments to notes, and how to print completed notes.
  4. Message Center and Reports – This will include how to filter through incoming messages such as faxes, patient messages, and refill requests. We will also cover how to pull reports within DrChrono.
  5. iPad – This will include an overview of the DrChrono application suite, like the DrChrono EHR app, Check-In app, and OnPatient app. We will also cover how to use the apps for patient check-in, documenting patient encounters and electronic prescriptions.
  6. Billing- Topics include patient payments, billing claims to insurance, refunds, pulling billing reports, and more!

A: We provide four custom-made plans to help you decide which one is the perfect fit for your practice. Whether you're a non-billing or billing client, we have two specialized options for each — from fulfilling basic needs without insurance claim submission, to comprehensive RCM services!

Learn more about our plans here

A: You can access DrChrono on any device connected to the internet including laptops, desktops, tablet devices, and smart phones. Google Chrome is our browser of choice, but any browser (Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Edge) may be used.

With DrChrono, you can take your practice on the go! Our mobile apps for Apple devices allow practitioners to easily document encounters and check patients in from their iPads or iPhones. And now M1 Mac users have even more options with our newly released desktop app!

You can learn more about the mobile version of our EHR here

A: DrChrono EHR seamlessly integrates with four third-party laboratory service providers: Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics for in-house laboratory services, as well as Health Gorilla and Lifepoint to access a large network of facilities.

To find more information on our laboratory integrations, view our guide here.

A: We currently support 9,000+ diagnostic labs and 35,000+ radiology centers through our partnership with Health Gorilla’s Secure Clinical Network.

Lifepoint has over 350 direct connections with various labs, Radiology, and other diagnostic facilities across the United States. We have the capability of connecting with any Lab, Radiology, and other diagnostic facilities.

For further information, email sales@drchrono.com or call (844)569-8628.

A: Yes! Please follow this link for more information and FAQs about data import: here

A: Yes, our patient portal, OnPatient, connects directly with your patients, allowing you to share health information like clinical notes and lab results. You can also exchange messages, send intake paperwork, complete prescription refill requests, allow patients to schedule their appointments, and pay invoices directly through the app

A: We do! Directly embedded in your workflow, DrChrono Payments allows you to quickly request and collect payments anytime from any location or device, allowing you to get paid faster. Save time by quickly creating digital invoices to send and receive online payments in one seamless transaction.

Learn more about how DrChrono Payments can help your practice here.