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The Most Advanced iPad EHR App

DrChrono EHR on iPad

DrChrono pioneered the EHR app for iPad. Today, it is the most advanced cloud-based iPad EHR app in the App Store. With an end to end solution that seamlessly integrates patient engagement, scheduling, clinical workflow and medical billing, your practice can enjoy optimal productivity and maximum profitability. Sign up and download the DrChrono EHR app to enjoy rich features including customizable medical forms, patient self check-in kiosk mode, eRX w/ EPCS and more. With DrChrono’s EHR, wherever a physician is, whatever device they are on, they can get access to a patient’s medical record and perform documentation.

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Spend More Time Caring for Patients and Less on EHR

DrChrono is the leading mobile EHR app choice for physicians

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Innovative Technology Leader

Unlike other EHR companies with legacy server-based systems, DrChrono mobile EHR is on the newest software platform. It is an end to end cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates patient engagement, scheduling, clinical workflow, and medical billing. DrChrono is constantly rethinking and redefining our technology so we can support users on iPad, iPhone, web and Apple Watch. No matter where a physician is and what device they are on, they can get access to a patient’s medical record and perform documentation.

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Flexible & Faster Care

Access complete patient charts with full history anytime, anywhere with your iPhone or iPad and provide the best patient care in a timely manner in office or on the move. DrChrono is the first cloud-based mobile EHR app to offer full EHR functionalities on both iPad and iPhone to maximize the mobility of medical practices. We are pushing the boundaries of EHR technology and enabling physicians around the world to provide better and faster care to their patients with the most updated information.

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Critical Time Saver

There is an art to saving time in your medical practice. Part of that art is finding out what tools are available for saving time. With DrChrono EHR, chart in seconds with our customizable templates and macros that automatically populate your notes with a click of a button. You can also place lab orders on your iPad and receive results directly into the patient’s chart. Our eRX with EPCS integration enables physicians to e-prescribe both regular and controlled medications with a touch of a button from their iPad or iPhone.

Revolutionary EHR Experience on Your Phone

DrChrono EHR for iPhone

DrChrono is the first EHR company to offer a full featured EHR on iPhone. There are no other options for physicians to document a full patient encounter, sign off on it, lock the note, then have it bill right to the insurance company. Using DrChrono, physicians can now submit full documentation to a billing team or to an insurance company right from an iPhone. With full clinical documentation, physicians can literally see patients with an iPhone to do their rounds. This is especially useful for times when physicians only have their phone on them but want to quickly document a patient encounter.

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Manage Patient Care From Your Wrist

DrChrono EHR for Apple Watch

DrChrono EHR for Apple Watch is the perfect companion to the EHR app on iPad, iPhone and web. Easily access a snapshot of appointment schedule, view patient refill requests and lab results, respond to inter-office chats from your colleagues, and receive and respond to messages from your patients.

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About DrChrono EHR for mobile

DrChrono launched the first EHR app in the App Store the same day Apple released the iPad. Since then, DrChrono’s mobile EHR has been the undeniable, leading choice for physicians who seek to optimize and modernize their practice. With our cloud-based, fully integrated EHR on mobile devices, our physicians can now provide healthcare on demand by the patient’s side with advanced EHR capabilities and features. DrChrono is also the first ambulatory mobile EHR company to become an Apple Mobility Partner.

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DrChrono EHR on an iPad, iPhone, and Macbook
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#1 mobile EHR as voted by Black Book 7 years running (2013-2019).

Cloud based ambulatory EHR

First mobile and cloud-based ambulatory EHR / EMR to be an Apple Mobility Partner.

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17.8 million patients under the care of DrChrono providers.

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