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More than a Medical Billing Software

We know medical billing is critical to the financial health of your practice, and our medical billing software is expertly integrated with our EHR, practice management system, and clearinghouses to address all your practice’s billing needs. DrChrono is here to be your strategic partner in achieving higher payment collection, low denial rates and higher clean claims rates. Address all your billing needs in a seamless, efficient system and take ownership of your financial health today.

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Integrated Medical Billing

DrChrono's fully integrated EHR and medical billing software saves time and helps improve clean claim rates by eliminating multiple data entries and human errors. Just enter patient information once and automatically pass data to billing. Manage your billing seamlessly out of your EHR and see how intuitive the software is.

Billing Profiles
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Intelligent Reporting Tools

Easily view billing reports and analytics in our integrated billing dashboard without leaving DrChrono EHR platform. Gauge how your practice is performing with reports and graphs so you can identify areas of improvements with real-time insight.

Billing Reports and Analytics
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Advanced Billing Features

DrChrono is always developing tools to improve clean claim rates, reduce human errors, and automate parts of your workflow that reduce efficiency. With state of the art features, billing is effortless and accurate, ultimately improving your bottom line.

Electronic Remittance Advice

Unparalleled Billing Tools

Billing Profiles

Reduce data entry and set up your most common diagnosis and medical billing codes for easily retrievable billing profiles. Save staff time and improve coding accuracy.

Create Billing Profiles

Real-Time Eligibility Verification

Instantly check primary or secondary insurance eligibility in real-time or before an appointment to guarantee payment. Check eligibility in bulk or pre-schedule checks to have accurate information at all times.

Real-time Eligibility Verification

Claims Submission

One of the first steps to getting paid is the claims submission process. That’s why DrChrono ensures your claims always go out in a timely manner. Daily claim submissions are automated to make sure no revenue is lost.

Submit Claims

Denial Resolutions

View denials in one place with convenient reporting; see all pertinent details in one page. Utilize our denial analysis report to isolate the types of services and codes that are generating denials. Utilize the billing features to update processes and reduce denials.

Denial Resolution
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Patient Statements

Generate billing statements on demand to give to patients before they leave your office. Have access to patient analysis tools, to filter patients by subgroups and gain understanding of their demographics.

Generate Patient Statements

Up-to-Date Medical Billing Codes

Our software is updated on medical billing codes to ensure you always code properly. Accurately look up DSM5, CPT and ICD-10 billing codes anytime, anywhere.

Medical Billing Codes

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Billing Log

Learn how to track changes made to a particular account or a patient's account.

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Managed Medical Billing

See how end-to-end billing management helps providers focus on patients care.

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Case Study: EHR Billing in a High Volume Office

See how Dr. Amols increased efficiency throughout his practice using our charting and billing features.

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