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We understand Medical Billing is essential to the financial health of every practice. DrChrono's fully integrated EHR and medical billing software saves time and helps improve clean claim rates by eliminating multiple data entries and human errors. Just enter patient information once and automatically pass data to clinical charts, eRx, lab orders, billing, and more.

DrChrono is here to be your strategic partner in achieving low denial rates, improved collections, and better clean claim rates. DrChrono Medical Billing software is expertly integrated with our EHR, practice management system, and clearinghouses to address all your practice’s billing needs in a seamless, efficient workflow ensuring your practice is paid sooner and faster.

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Medical Billing Feature Highlights


Patient Check-In

Save time and stay on top of patient information. With DrChrono's check-in process, most up-to date patient information automatically populates clinical charting and billing, which saves time and improves clean claim rates.


Real-Time Eligibility Verification

Update text with "Keep track of copays in DrChrono EHR and instantly check primary or secondary insurance eligibility real time or pre-appointment to guarantee payment.


ICD-10 Code Search

Easily lookup ICD-10 billing codes based on the procedure description and achieve a better clean claim rate.

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Business Intelligence Tools

Gain access to analysis of payments, denials, utilization, and more for real-time insight into the health of your medical practice and needed improvements for optimization.


Claims Submission

One of the first steps of getting paid is the claims submission process. That’s why DrChrono ensures your claims always go out in a timely manner.


Live Claims Feed

Keep track of claims submitted to eligible insurance providers and get real time updates on claim statuses from clearinghouse and insurance companies.


Billing Profiles

Reduce data entry and set up your most common diagnosis and medical billing codes for easily retrievable billing profiles.



Increase Medicare reimbursement and be ready to attest for the first MIPS Performance Period with DrChrono.


For all Specialty Practices of All Sizes

Our software has been built with all medical practices in mind. As a cloud-based solution, DrChrono is scalable whether your practice has plans to downsize or grow.



Our cloud-based solution allows you to access your medical billing anytime, anywhere from iPad, iPhone or web.

Medical Billing Resources

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