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With DrChrono's Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), your practice can maintain sustainability while simultaneously gaining more time to focus on patients.

By proactively predicting denials to improve clean claim rates, we provide assurance that your billing and collections will have the consistency needed to be able to manage the expenses and operations of your practice.

Our team of dedicated billing experts, in-house coding compliance officers, and certified medical coders handle your practice’s billing from the minute a patient checks-in to the back-end billing after the appointment. On top of full RCM management, we provide the benefit of having up-to-date knowledge of medical billing nuances and workflows in a climate of ever-changing regulations. Overall, we’re here to help your practice improve profitability, keep claims coming in, and decrease administrative tasks so your practice never has to worry.


Clean Claim Submission Rate

48 Hrs

Turnaround on Denials


of Claims Paid Within 60 Days

$3 Billion+

in Claims Processed by DrChrono RCM to-date

Our Full RCM Services Include:

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RCM Client Success Stories

Practice Background

Shortly after completing Chiropractor’s College, our client started a practice in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Like many new practitioners, he was entirely new to the world of billing. As our client puts it, “they don’t teach you billing in school...any school.”

Billing Challenge

With no experience in billing, our client hired a biller, who was an “expert” in billing for chiropractic. After sometime, our client noticed that he had an abundance of new patients and appointments, but he was seeing very little revenue from his billings. Since our client was already a DrChrono EHR customer, he called DrChrono for help.

Results of Implementing DrChrono’s Managed Billing Solution

DrChrono set our client’s practice up for success. He was immediately setup with a team of billing specialists who overhauled his billing practices...all at a lower cost than what he was spending for his internal biller. The results speak for themselves:

Before DrChrono
Claim Submission 20-25% 100%
Claim to Payment Time 4-6 weeks 1 week
Cash flow Poor Excellent
ROI on Billing Services Negative 3900%*
Gross Revenues 4X Improvement
*ROI formula ((revenue gain - cost of services)/(cost of services))

Practice Background

Gilbert, Arizona based fertility and endocrinology specialist, Dr. Mark Amols, has built an extremely successful fertility practice. His nine-person practice, New Direction Fertility Center, helps patients at a fraction of the cost they would spend elsewhere; due to his success rates, skill and favorable cost structure, Dr. Amols and his staff see anywhere between 30-50 patients a day.

In the Office

Dr. Amols and his staff take efficiency seriously. He and his staff simply do not have time in between appointments or after closing to chart; DrChrono is the perfect solution because they are able to use customized medical templates and clinical forms on their iPad to chart comprehensively during each encounter.

Improved Medical Billing

Additionally, since Dr. Amols and his staff utilize the DrChrono Apollo account, they are able to use the EHR to manage their billing as well. The process is seamless for the team thanks to the Billing Profiles feature, which allows users to preset the correct ICD-9, CPT, HCPCS and NDC codes for procedures.


To learn more about how DrChrono improved Dr. Amols' practice, please download the case study.

Practice Background

Dr. Linsey Gold is one of the nation’s foremost experts in breast cancer surgery. She only operates on breast cancer cases and is known for a lot more than just her expertise. Her office is anything but typical; it has been featured in Michigan media with its sumptuously painted walls, unique office curtains and... no white coats. The impeccably dressed Dr. Gold is known to be available for her patients around the clock, even moving personal plans just to accommodate patient schedules. All of this makes Dr. Gold incredibly popular; she has a staff of four who help her manage over 2000 new patient visits and 400 surgeries per year.

In the Office

Dr. Gold and her staff utilize DrChrono’s EHR and Apollo Plus full service billing services to efficiently manage her extremely busy office. Before her appointments, Dr. Gold’s staff use both the iPad and desktop version of DrChrono to schedule, check-in employees and utilize inter-office messaging to efficiently communicate with one another.

Once a patient is seen, charting and patient billing are a breeze. Dr. Gold is a super-user of DrChrono’s customizable features, which she has utilized to optimize her time with clients. She has customized all of her medical form templates to chart by each client type.

Dr. Gold charts quickly and easily after every client visit using DrChrono’s medical-speech-to-text. As soon as Dr. Gold’s notes are complete, DrChrono’s billing team takes over to process billing for each case. Additionally, she is able to send a fax of all relevant notes from her EHR to a patient’s primary care physician in seconds.

Most conveniently, Dr. Gold is able to take her in-office ultrasounds, which have been seamlessly uploaded to her DrChrono iPad, into the operating room where she uses them as guides for surgery. Should a patient need to communicate with Dr. Gold post-surgery, they can use DrChrono’s HIPAA compliant messaging system to easily stay in touch.


To learn more about how DrChrono improved Dr. Gold's practice, please download the case study.

DrChrono RCM ROI Case Study*

In-House Billing DrChrono RCM Results
Charges (on average) $115,294.76 $115,294.76
Gross Collection Rate (GCR) $54,909.13
Gross Collection Rate
Billing Costs $4,876.40 $4,496.50 $379.90
Decrease in monthly cost of RCM service


Yearly Net Benefit

(monthly gross collection * 12months)

≈ 25%

overall collection increase


Total ROI

*Real DrChrono ROI example from one of our clients

Top Features Loved by Practices

icon-denial-greenDenial Prevention and Resolution

We actively work with your practice to improve claim submissions and prevent denials. To increase first time payment rates, we constantly monitor denial trends and educate practices on necessary changes.

icon-bill-smBI Tools

Our Business Intelligence Tools give you up-to-date reports on your practice’s performance and ensure you understand how to better optimize your medical billing.

icon-code-greenMedical Coding Services

Our team of certified medical coders review clinical notes and code in the proper ICD10 and CPT codes to prevent lost revenue. We also work closely with practices to meet required compliance on their clinical documentation.

icon-analysis-greenPredictive Analytics to Forecast Rejections/Denials

We use your practice’s historical trends with payers to predict future denials and create a robust claims edit engine to improve your clean claim rate. With this information, we prevent future denials and drive down denial rates.

icon-docs-greenFront-end Management Advice

Our RCM team looks at your practice’s front end workflow to give feedback on how to improve front-end transactions for a higher clean claim rate.

icon-docs-greenRejection Analysis and Resolution

All rejections are worked by our expert billers and submitted within 48 hours. Our team has in-depth knowledge on rejections and works closely with clearinghouse and insurance companies.

icon-bill-greenDedicated Account Manager

Every RCM account gets a live, dedicated account manager that can be contacted whenever you have questions or need help. You will have regularly scheduled calls with your Account Manager and receive monthly performance reports.

icon-bill-smRCM Tasks Manager

Gain transparency and get real-time updates on your claims. Easily view which uncompleted tasks must be finished to receive payment and communicate with your biller anytime for tasks you may have questions on.

DrChrono vs. other RCM competitors

DrChrono athenahealth eClinicalWorks CareCloud HealthFusion (NextGen) Kareo
EHR & RCM on One Unified System
Dedicated Account Manager
Integrated Medical Billing iPhone/iPad Technology
Medical Coding Services
Customizable Billing Profiles

RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) FAQs

RCM is the entirety of the medical billing process for a practice. This includes claims, billings, and receivables from the time the patient leaves your office to when your practice receives payment and the outstanding balance for services equals $0. Every claim has its own life cycle and the practice can either handle their own billing or outsource it to a RCM service like DrChrono RCM.

After seeing a patient, practices must perform front-end management tasks like entering in correct billing codes to start a claim. Then, from an operational standpoint DrChrono would handle the rest of the claim’s life cycle by providing coding services, working with the clearing house daily, taking information from the payer, outstanding all patient accounts, getting statements to patients, and more. We also work with carriers to continue to appeal claims to get you to adjudication. RCM includes Accounts Receivable management, denial management, overseeing appeals, and taking all necessary steps to get your practice paid. The holistic purpose of RCM is to constantly refine the practice’s RCM process to improve and achieve the most successful clean claim rate.

Revenue Cycle Management gives you sophisticated information on your company’s billing and billing processes. With a closely maintained RCM system managed by knowledgeable RCM staff who know payer rules, your practice’s cash flow and RCM process can be extremely efficient. As a result, signing up for RCM services like DrChrono RCM provides an advanced experience at a sustainable cost.

Value-Based Care or Value-Based Contracts have many advantages and can bring your company more revenue than Fee-For-Service contracts. No two practices are alike, so we encourage you to contact our sales team for a free, personalized consultation and detailed analysis of revenue forecast for your practice.

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Email our sales team at, Call (844) 569 - 8628, or Text (650) 215 - 6343

There are no upfront fees, maintenance charges, or licensing fees for most practices. Click here to learn more about our Apollo Plus Plan.

Since DrChrono is cloud-based, you never have to worry about implementing DrChrono RCM into your workflow. In addition, you can view statuses on billing anytime instantly through the DrChrono EHR as long as you have an Internet connection.

Regardless of the future plans of your practice, our scalable cloud-based platform is flexible with any changes.

Please submit a form for a Free Custom ROI Analysis and a DrChrono Sales Representative will reach out to you. The Sales Representative will work with you to create a Custom ROI Analysis of your practice if you were to use DrChrono’s RCM Services. This is completely FREE of charge, and there is no obligation to sign up for DrChrono.

Click here to request a free ROI analysis.

Yes! Here are some other methods of contacting the DrChrono Sales Team:


Call (844) 569 - 8628

Text (650) 215 - 6343

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