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Complete RCM Service

DrChrono’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) can help you maintain income stability while simultaneously giving you more time to focus on patients. Our team of dedicated billing experts, in-house coding compliance officers, and certified medical coders handle the complete lifecycle of your medical claims. With this expertise in your corner, you will see an improvement of clean claim rates, speedy turnaround on denials, and improved cash flow. DrChrono works to take over time-consuming tasks while providing high-quality services at a fraction of a cost of in-house billing, to allow you to practice medicine, not administration.

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Complete Transparency

Have insight into your claims, don't be left in the dark. With DrChrono your dashboard will let you see the whole process from the visit to deposit. In addition to the transparency, a dedicated RCM account manager will have continuous communication into your financials.

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Proven Expertise

Our dedicated billing experts are knowledgeable about industry trends and best practices. Have peace of mind that your claims are being handled from patient check-in to back-end billing.

Medical Billing
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Improved Cash Flow

With a 96% clean claim rate, DrChrono RCM services work to improve your practice profitability. We offer you consistent workflows, continuous monitoring of claims and a decrease to your administrative tasks, so you focus on patient care.

Denial Resolution

Hands-Off Billing Solution

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Rejection Analysis and Resolution

All rejections are worked by our expert billers and submitted within 48 hours. Our team has in-depth knowledge on rejections and work closely with clearinghouse and insurance companies.

Denial Resolution

RCM Task Manager

Gain transparency and get real-time updates on your claims. Easily view which uncompleted tasks must be finished to receive payment and communicate with your biller anytime for tasks you may have questions on.

RCM Task Manager
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Dedicated Account Manager

Every RCM account gets a live, dedicated account manager that can be contacted whenever you have questions or need help. You will have regularly scheduled calls with your Account Manager and receive monthly performance reports.

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Medical Coding Services

Our team of certified medical coders review clinical notes and code in the proper ICD10 and CPT codes to prevent lost revenue. We also work closely with practices to meet required compliance on their clinical documentation.

Medical Coding Services

BI Tools

Our Business Intelligence Tools give you up-to-date reports on your practice’s performance and ensure you understand how to better optimize your medical billing. Have real-time knowledge on your income and bottom line.

BI Reporting Tools

Front-end Management Advice

Our RCM team looks at your practice’s front end workflow to give feedback on how to improve front-end transactions for a higher clean claim rate. Optimize processes and get advice to code at higher levels and get fair payments for your services.

RCM Management Advice


Clean Claim Submission Rate

48 Hrs

Turnaround on Denials


of Claims Paid Within 60 Days

$3 Billion+

in Claims Processed by DrChrono RCM to-date

DrChrono RCM ROI Case Study*

In-House Billing DrChrono RCM Results
Charges (on average) $115,294.76 $115,294.76
Gross Collection Rate (GCR) $54,909.13
Gross Collection Rate
Billing Costs $4,876.40 $4,496.50 $379.90
Decrease in monthly cost of RCM service


Yearly Net Benefit

(monthly gross collection * 12months)

≈ 25%

overall collection increase

*Real DrChrono ROI example from one of our clients

RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) FAQs

RCM, or revenue cycle management, encompasses the process of medical billing and coding for a medical practice. Generally, those looking for RCM are interested in outsourcing their medical billing to a team of CPC coders and medical billing experts. This is a great option for practices that do not have the bandwidth to keep up with the volume of billing work at their office or practices that want to optimize their revenue cycle management by handing it off to a team of experts.

Medical billing software is a necessity for medical practices who do all of their billing in-house. The best medical billing software will streamline these workflows to reduce redundant data entry and increase productivity. With features like billing profiles, reporting dashboards and more, your practice will be able to perform all of the necessary billing functions and have an understanding of areas in need of improvement.

Revenue cycle management is another option for medical billing, but it outsources the billing work to a team of CPC certified coders and medical billing experts who will work on your claims in their revenue cycle software. These billing professionals are trained to improve your clean claims rate, cut down on denials and get your revenue on the right track. The best RCM software vendors will provide you with full transparency into the billing process while their medical billing experts work on your claims.

Value-Based Care or Value-Based Contracts have many advantages and can bring your company more revenue than Fee-For-Service contracts. No two practices are alike, so we encourage you to contact our sales team for a free, personalized consultation and detailed analysis of revenue forecast for your practice.

Click here to request a free demo.

Email our sales team at sales@drchrono.com, Call (844) 569 - 8628, or Text (650) 215 - 6343

While you do not need to use RCM services, you certainly could still benefit from them depending on the quantity of billing work at your practice. Having a team of experts able to ensure that your codes are accurate and patients are paying for the correct services provided will save you a lot of time. If you simply want to focus on providing great care to your patients instead of the ancillary tasks involved with operating a medical practice, RCM is a great option for you.

Yes! You can upgrade your plan when your practice is ready to utilize those services. DrChrono is a scalable EHR and medical billing solution, and we understand that your needs may change over time. Contact your account manager when you are ready to upgrade to our Apollo Plus tier for RCM (revenue cycle management) services.

Practices of any size could potentially be viable candidates to outsource their billing. Whether you choose to outsource medical billing or keep it in-house is a matter of comfort and understanding your revenue. There are certain checkpoints and metrics that indicate a practice should consider outsourcing billing.

The first thing to determine is whether or not your practice can afford the service. If you can afford it, and your patient and billing volume is becoming unmanageable for your staff, you should consider an RCM solution like DrChrono.

Moreover, when reviewing your revenue collections, look at the number of days in AR, clean claims rate and denials rate. These are strong indicators of the strength or weakness of your internal revenue cycle management.

Typically, things should only be in AR for 30 to 35 days. If your practice is above that towards 50 days, then something is seriously wrong with your billing process. You should also have a clean claims rate above 85% and a denials rate below 10%. However, even if your revenue process is going smoothly, it may be worth considering outsourcing billing to provide extra bandwidth to your staff and improve your overall numbers.

One reason to keep billing in-house is the amount of control and clarity you get into your own revenue. It can be difficult to trust an outside vendor with something so critical to your business. That’s why you have to make transparency a high priority when looking at RCM vendors. A clear look into every step of the revenue process by a team of experienced billers and coders will make it easier to know you’re in good hands.

Please submit a form for a Free Custom ROI Analysis and a DrChrono Sales Representative will reach out to you. The Sales Representative will work with you to create a Custom ROI Analysis of your practice if you were to use DrChrono’s RCM Services. This is completely FREE of charge, and there is no obligation to sign up for DrChrono.

Click here to request a free ROI analysis.

Yes! Here are some other methods of contacting the DrChrono Sales Team:

Email sales@drchrono.com

Call (844) 569 - 8628

Text (650) 215 - 6343

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