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Maximize Collections at your Medical Practice

Patient payment collection can be much simpler with integrated billing software and a team of medical billing experts

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Medical Collection

Patient Payments Tool

DrChrono’s Patient Payment system gives your practice the tools and visibility to make patient collections in your electronic health record manageable. You can conduct the process in your EHR, or you can enable patient payments in the patient portal, OnPatient. To do this, you will first need to integrate with Square which will be a great tool particularly for collecting individual payments.

Collections Assistance

There is more to collections than swiping a credit card, however. Our RCM team can assist with initiating the collections process for your practice. These medical billing experts are able to send statements or make calls, freeing up your staff to focus on other work, and they will likely improve your collections rate along the way.

You can also utilize a third party application for assistance here. ClearGage integrates directly into DrChrono, and they will send patients invoices via messaging and SMS.

Medical Collection

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Find out why DrChrono is consistently ranked as one the best medical practice management software companies, as well as a top EHR for small practices. Our medical billing software is designed to save your practice time and ensure accuracy with streamlined workflows. Schedule a demo with a product specialist to learn more, or read about the available plan offerings that are right for your practice.

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