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Patient Check-In on iPad, iPhone and Web

Efficient and Effective Digital Solution That Improves Patient Satisfaction

Kiosk Mode on iPad for Patient Self Check-In

Allow patients to easily and quickly self check-in. Available in English and Spanish.

A More Convenient Way to Check-In Your Patients

Patients can sign in using just their name and date of birth, and all of their medical and insurance you have on file will automatically populate on their chart. Once a patient’s check-in information is approved, their information is synced to their EHR record, eliminating the need for data entry work.
It’s an easy and convenient process for both your staff and patients.
You can simply hand patients an iPad from your front desk, or mount a Kiosk stand and allow them to self check-in. Design a check-in process most suitable to your practice.

A Paperless Solution to Collect Patient Information

Patients can sign any consent form on the iPad. You can add any consent forms to automatically pre-populate for a specific appointment type. The front and back camera can be used to capture insurance information or the patient’s portrait.

Patient Check-in by Plan:

Apollo Plus