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Streamline Appointment Setting with Profiles

Save time and reduce errors with appointment profile feature directly from your EHR

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Appointment Profiles

Customizable Templates

One of the most important EHR and practice management software features, appointment profiles save you time by automatically adding duration, reason for visit, color-coding your appointment, and even attach your billing profiles for you.

Reduce Errors and Optimize Your Schedule

Expedite your workflow from the start to finish through ease of setting up the appointment, all the way to providing care to your patient. By utilizing appointment profiles, your schedule will be optimized with realistic time blocks set by your appointment type. Additionally, billing codes and any necessary forms can be pre-set by appointment profiles adding duration, reason for visit, consent forms, color-codling the appointment on your calendar, and even attaching a billing profile.

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Find out why DrChrono is consistently ranked as one the best medical practice management software companies, as well as a top EHR for small practices. Our medical billing software is designed to save your practice time and ensure accuracy with streamlined workflows. Schedule a demo with a product specialist to learn more, or read about the available plan offerings that are right for your practice.

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