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Why Chiropractors Love DrChrono



Integrated EHR and medical billing software eliminates double entry and human error. Save time also by documenting everything wherever you are on iPhone, iPad or computer.


Advanced Functionality

You can speed up charting with customizable chiropractic forms and photo/drawing options in addition to a full suite of patient scheduling tools.


Low Learning Curve

Simplicity and intuitive design makes learning to use DrChrono really easy. Step-by-step in page tools and a dedicated support team will also guide you to use more complex tools.

Streamlined Practice Management

  • Easily manage bundled or membership based care using appointment profiles created for each patient.
  • Simply drag and drop appointments for rescheduling, or allow patients to update their schedule using OnPatient Portal without needing to call the front desk.
  • Let patients complete consent and intake forms using OnPatient Portal before the appointment or Patient Check-in App on iPad in the clinic.
  • Reduce no shows by automatically sending appointment reminders via text, voice messages and emails.
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Quick Charting From Start to Finish

  • Use prebuilt chiropractic forms from MSK to HEENT assessments, customizable them to include information valuable to you such as pain location, duration or other details.
  • Easily communicate treatments to your patients by drawing directly on radiographs or skeletal diagrams and embed directly into SOAP charting.
  • View prior evaluations using persistent forms and re-evaluate within the same screen.
  • Easily track ongoing treatments, create care plans and exercise programs for patients when they’re not in the office.
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Better Billing, Faster Payments

  • Submit claims quickly and easily straight from DrChrono's EHR for insurance, worker's comp and more.
  • Cut additional lab and clearinghouse costs with our centralized integrated billing solution, which includes a live reporting dashboard for live claims data to get back everything you’re owed.
  • Send or print Superbills with just one click for uninsurables, and easily code for common diagnoses using billing profiles.
  • Patient flags allow you to categorize patients by their health plans (ASHP, ACN, etc), or payment methods (cash based vs insurable) to help you bulk claim.
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Maximize Revenue Collection

  • Verify insurance and procedure eligibility in real time.
  • Get denial claims addressed within 24 hours and expedite the payment process.
  • Communicate directly with Revenue Collection experts and an experienced medical billing team.
  • Make better data-driven decisions with complete transparency into your practice’s financial status.
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We are a large cash only practice with a large amount of questionnaires and forms and work flow processes. Our office has special needs which DrChrono allows for better than any other EHR.

DrChrono has been EXTREMELY customizable and the easiest EMR to use for the front office staff when it comes to scheduling, taking payments, and making new patient charts. We have heard from others that if you are transitioning from paper to EMR, this was the one to choose. We could see that even before the advice was given. Every step is very intuitive and the programmers and designers made every task only about 2-3 clicks away. EASY AND FAST!

- Caylin Holmes, DCicon-quote

Dr. Marvin Jones

#1 ranked mobile EHR for 6 years
DrChrono is EPCS and I-STOP compliant

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Top Features Used by Chiropractors


Fully Customizable Patient Scheduling Tools

Have patients schedule for an appointment anyway you want. Upload a website widget, use a patient portal, access your mobile ehr app on the go, and/or use zocdoc or other 3rd party scheduling services.


Check-in Kiosk and native iPad app

Patients can walk in and check themselves in on a kiosk or you can hand them an iPad just like a clipboard. You can even have patients check in from home.


Message other providers and patients directly

Manage all patient communication in a HIPAA compliant patient portal and message other doctors regardless of their EHR through DrChrono. You can also use the practice chat tool to talk to message anyone in the practice.


Form/Template Library

Access a full library of chiropractic templates for any chiropractic technique, like Activator, Gonstead, etc. and in any format like SOAP, Auto Accident, and Workers Compensation Claims.


Photo, Video, and Drawing Tools

Use the camera on your mobile device to record and annotate photos or diagrams and add videos quickly to the patient file.


Fast Medical Claim Submission

Increase Cash Flow in your practice with an easy to use interface and a suite of tools and reports used by DrChrono coders and billers.


Super easy e-fax and direct messaging

Manage patient referrals in and out easily using either the extremely easy e-fax tool or submit electronically from EHR to EHR.


Save Credit Cards or use Square

You can store patient credit card information on file and charge patients for any recurring payments or later visits with a click of a button. Or use square..


Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Services

Focus on patients and have full transparency and a direct access to your account manager to manage the status of your claims.

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