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Dr. Christine Stewart
Chiropractor, Wilderness Family Chiropractic | Locust Grove, VA
DrChrono’s EHR application on the iPad is fast, easy to learn and gives me and my staff more time to focus on the patients and their needs. Being paperless has enabled me to be more organized and effective - it is exactly what I had been looking for and I’d recommend it to anyone!
Practice Background
Dr. Christine Stewart always wanted to have a positive impact in the health field. A few of her friends in college planned to attend chiropractic school for the rewarding experience and she decided to do the same. With a desire to provide a greater quality of care, she treats her patients with an encouraging outlook; helping them through their pain to achieve better health.
In the Office
Dr. Stewart was attempting to make the switch to a paperless electronic health record, one compatible with an iPad, and stumbled upon DrChrono. With a cloud-based server, Dr. Stewart can easily access patient data on her iPad at both her office locations through one secure platform.
Operational Efficiency
Since using DrChrono, Dr. Stewart has been able to spend less time charting and more time with her patients. With improved charting methods, Dr. Stewart finds herself completing her notes during the time of care and does not have to do them later. During her appointments she can easily collect patient data in her customized template and then use macro buttons to create a comprehensive note on the iPad… all without turning her back on the patient.
In addition, with DrChrono’s medical billing software, Dr. Stewart provides her patients with an easy to understand statement as they leave her office - which supports her practice in recovering receivables faster and more efficiently
  • Reduced Patient Paperwork Patients can fill out forms on the iPad prior to their appointment
  • Reduced Time Charting Charting on the iPad is customized to provider workflow
  • Improved Quality of Care The iPad interface and speed allows for more quality time with patients