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DrChrono EHR is integrated with over 40,000 labs and imaging centers

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Extensive Nationwide Lab Connection

Integrated with over 9,000 diagnostic centers and more than 35,000 radiology centers, DrChrono EHR makes lab and imaging orders incredibly easy. Simply submit lab orders for LabCorp, Quest Disgnostics among other local labs within the EHR app and receive results directly into patients’ charts.

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Streamline Lab Order Management

Automatically attach incoming faxes to patient charts, select billing to, and submit multiple tests with their associated codes in one single order. Lab results can be mapped graphically to give you real insight on overall patient health.

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Say Hello to eFax for Lab Orders

DrChrono allows you to “eFax” through your EHR, digitizing the entire process. Even for labs that only have fax machines, DrChrono EHR will know to send lab orders as a fax, as well as receive actual faxes and transcribe them digitally into the patient’s chart.

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Are you a lab or imaging center?

Integrate your lab or imaging company into DrChrono. Have access to 93,000 physicians and 6 million patients. Put lab and imaging results right into a patient chart.

An Award-Winning Experience

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Black Book’s #1 Mobile EHR (2013-2022)

Cloud based ambulatory EHR

1st Mobile EHR to be an Apple Mobility Partner

Medtech awards

Med Tech Award 2022 EHR Innovation

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DEVIES Award Winning API

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