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Upgrade Your EHR

Make the Switch in 2019

Choosing an EHR is hard work; it’s no wonder most providers are hesitant to switch to a new EHR, even if it’s the better solution for their practice. When you’re ready to make the switch, be sure to review our list of important key features.

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DrChrono EHR Features


Hardware and Server Requirements

Find an EHR that does not require you to purchase servers or backup solutions. The best EHR should offer you a solution that is cloud-based, which enables you to share health information in a HIPAA compliant way.


Medical Billing & Coding

Your new EHR should offer billing services that take the stress out of billing. Your platform should provide you with either the billing tools to manage your practice or a fully managed end-to-end billing solution.


Customizable Medical Forms

It is important that your new EHR allows you to customize your clinical forms in order to maintain your preferred note taking style. Some EHRs may even save you time by creating your forms with a team of experts.


Lab Integration

Your new EHR should feature bi-directional integration with widely used labs such as Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp.


eRx Setup

Look for an EHR that enables you to quickly and effortlessly send electronic prescriptions.


Integrated Fax

Make sure your new system has a built in e-fax line which will allow you to easily send and receive patient referrals and other documents.


Implementation Specialist

Your new EHR should provide you with a seamless personalized onboarding experience with a dedicated implementation specialist that will assist you with your transition and offer specialty specific training.


Import of Patient Demographics

Make sure your new EHR can easily import data, specifically pertinent patient information such as medication and allergy lists from your previous EHR. It should also allow you to export patient data if you decide to discontinue service or migrate to another system.