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Focus on Patients, Not Billing

Pain-Free Billing
Medical billing is a major component of every medical practice. In this age of reduced reimbursements, getting paid on time and accurately is a priority. Choosing the right billing service is incredibly important. We are confident that once you learn about our capabilities, DrChrono will be your billing service of choice. Please read on to learn about our Managed Billing Services.
End-to-End Billing Management Lets Providers Focus on Patients
We believe that providers should spend their time caring for patients, not chasing down payments. DrChrono’s integrated EHR lets our billing team take over as soon as a provider completes patient charting.
  • Real-time eligibility verification at the time of patient check-in: we educate and train doctors and their staff to utilize this feature effectively in order to collect payments up front.
  • Experienced and certified medical coders: our coders review clinical notes and code them with the correct ICD9 and CPT codes. Additionally, we coach doctors on appropriately optimizing charting for claims.
  • Excellent clean claim submission rate: our billing team reviews all claims before they are submitted to insurance in order to increase a provider’s first time payment ratio. Our clean claim submission rate is above 98%!
  • Comprehensive front-end rejections process: our senior billers review and re-submit rejections within 48 hours. Additionally, our team works closely with clearinghouses and insurance companies in order to get your claims paid on time.
  • Expert Electronic Remittance Advice review: our billing experts review all payments to ensure proper reimbursement per doctor contracts. Additionally, the team ensures that payments are appropriately deposited in the doctor’s bank account.
  • Speedy accounts receivable follow-up and collections: our team follows up with insurance companies immediately as opposed to the standard method of aging claims. This allows us to recover payments quickly; in fact, more than 96% of our claims are paid in less than 60 days!
  • Specialty-specific denial analysis, resolution and prevention: we are well-versed in denial resolution by specialty. To ensure most claims are paid without a denial, we monitor denials for trends. We then train and educate your team to make appropriate changes in their workflow to reduce future insurance denials.
  • Multi-Insurance appeals specialization: we have extensive experience across all kinds of appeals, including those for federal, commercial, workers compensation and auto insurance.
  • Accelerated patient statements and follow-up: our team sends statements in a more timely manner than most standard billing operations; this helps practices recover receivables faster. Additionally, we contact patients after sending statements to ensure on-time payments.
  • Simplified credentialing: our services include credentialing, re-credentialing, contract negotiations, malpractice application submissions, and network participation amongst other things. Our goal is to simplify the process and reduce the costs and frustration associated with credentialing.
Completely Analytics Give You Full Cash-Flow Insights
Just because a practice’s billing is outsourced doesn’t mean that providers need to be in the dark on on billing activity, cash flow, and other key billing measures. The DrChrono reporting center gives our providers an easy way to understand their billing.
Our reporting center can be accessed in one click via the DrChrono EHR; reports are easy to understand, up-to-date and incredibly powerful in allowing a provider to understand a practice’s financials.
Completely Integrated EHR & Billing Provides Visibility
Some EHR’s offer billing services, however most systems are not integrated between EHR and billing systems. This means providers have no visibility into their own billing. Our EHR was built-in tandem with our billing system in order to ensure that both the EHR and billing system are seamlessly integrated. This is significant for three reasons:
  • Doctors and their designated staff have 24/7 access to billing statistics and analytics. With the click of a button on the DrChrono EHR, doctors can view easy to understand snapshots and reporting of payments, denials and cash flow.
  • Billers have access to patient charts, which is invaluable in boosting practice revenue. With an integrated system, billers can easily analyze charting and work-flow practices and quickly advise a provider or their staff on modifications needed to optimize billing outcomes.
  • Patients have online access to their medical records. Thanks to our integrated system, patients are able to log-in to our patient portal, OnPatient.com, and see their clinical summary, book appointments and view and pay their statements online.
Our integration also permits us to utilize the expertise of our in-house Coding Compliance Officer who reviews all provider clinical documentation in order to ensure providers meet required compliance levels. This is a key initiative as it ensures that all clinical documentation meets or exceeds insurance company and Medicare guidelines. This also prepares practices to easily pass audits, particularly Medicare’s audit.
Dedicated Team of Billing Experts
An effective billing team is the backbone of a practice. DrChrono assembles a billing team per practice; each team is based on an individual practice’s needs and specialty.
Additionally, each team member is an expert in billing. As a rule, each of our billers has at least 4 years of hands-on experience with single if not multiple certifications in coding, auditing and billing.
Our billing team is especially unique in that our coders are managed by a medical doctor who ensures that provider perspective and logic is integrated into our billing workflows. Best of all, this team is very accessible - they can be contacted easily via a dedicated toll-free number and email.
  • CPC: Certified Professional Coder (Physician Practice)
  • CPC – H: Certified Professional Coder – Hospital Outpatient
  • CPC-P: Certified Professional Coder - Payer
  • CPCO: Certified Professional Compliance Officer
  • CPMA: Certified Professional Medical Auditor
  • CGSC: Certified General Surgery Coder
  • CASCC: Certified Ambulatory Surgical Center Coder
  • CPB: Certified Professional Biller
ICD-10 Ready To Ensure No Billing Gaps in ‘15
The new ICD-10 standard changes coding significantly. ICD-9 had approximately 18,000 codes, while ICD-10 has nearly 65,000.
This new standard is incredibly challenging to learn, however our billing team has been prepared and ready for ICD-10 since we learned of its proposed use nearly 5 years ago. This is a major advantage for our clients because we mastered ICD-10 ahead of the curve and have a cohesive strategy for working with this coding system.
Fair Fee Structure Lets Practices Retain More of Their Earnings
Our fee structure is flexible and allows us to offer our services to practices of all sizes. Our pricing is structured simply:
  • We assess a percent-based fee monthly based on the amount of billing we process for your practice. The higher your billings, the lower your fee.
  • Our fees range between 3-8% billed monthly. We bill the greater of an agreed upon minimum fee or the % fee. Of course, we can create a custom plan for new and smaller practices.
Certified to Bill Professionals and Institutions
Our flexibility to bill professionals and institutions makes us the biller of choice for individual practices as well as surgery centers, labs, and certain specialty out and in-patient centers.
Specialty Specific Billing Capabilities
Specialties require a high level of practice specific billing knowledge in order to bill most efficiently for all procedure and appointment types. DrChrono’s billing team has specialty-specific experts on board such that we can optimally bill for any practice. In fact, our billing specialists are certified in all major specialties, including:
  • Anesthesiology
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Immunology
  • Obstetrics-Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Pulmonology
  • and 85 more specialties…
A Profitable Story
DrChrono’s managed billing services have helped thousands of our clients increase their revenues dramatically.
One illustrative example is that of a Boston-based family practice that grew their revenues significantly after adopting DrChrono, without any change in appointments or number of clients.
DrChrono’s billing team is able to provide clients with significant revenue improvements for two reasons:
  • We are able to collect a greater amount of your billings than most in-house or specialty billing companies
  • The cost of our services is far lower than what most providers pay an in-house biller or billing company
Before: In-House Biller
Total Insurance Eligible Billings per Month: $26,000
Total Amount Collected per Month via an In-Houre Biller: $18,200
Total Monthly Cost of In-House Biller (includes benefits): $6,176
Total Annual Collections, Net Cost of Biller $144,288
After: DrChrono's Managed Billing Services
Total Insurance Eligible Billings per Month: $26,000
Total Amount Collected per Month via an In-Houre Biller: $22,100
Total Monthly Cost of In-House Biller (includes benefits): $1,820
Total Annual Collections, Net Cost of Biller $243,360
Revenue Improvement with DrChrono: $99,072

Theif River Falls, Minnesota
DrChrono’s managed billing services were critical in taking my practice to the next level. I was absolutely blown away by the billing team - I no longer had a single person supporting my billing, but an entire team dedicated to helping me succeed.
Practice Background
Shortly after completing Chiropractor’s College, our client started a practice in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. Like many new practitioners, he was entirely new to the world of billing. As our client puts it, “they don’t teach you billing in school... any school.”
"My revenues quadrupled after adopting DrChrono’s EHR billing services."
Billing Challenge
With no experience in billing, our client hired a biller, who was an expert* in billing for chiropractic. After some time, our client noticed that he had an abundance of new patients and appointments, but he was seeing very little revenue from his billings. Since our client was already a DrChrono EHR customer, he called DrChrono for help.
Results of Implementing DrChrono's Managed Billing Solution
DrChrono set our client’s practice up for success. He was immediately set up with a team of billing specialists who overhauled his billing practices...all at a lower cost than what he was spending for his internal biller. The results speak for themselves:
Before DrChrono
Claim Submission 20-25% 100%
Claim To Payment Time 4-6 weeks 1 week
Cashflow Poor Excellent
ROI on Billing Services Negative 3900%*
Gross Revenues 4X Improvement
*ROI formula ((revenue gain - cost of services)/(cost of services))
"DrChrono provided EvoFoot with scale that no in-house biller or billing company could have provided us. It’s a no brainer – clear your office of your billing headaches and have DrChrono manage your billing instead. Just sign the dotted line!"
– Dr Ali Sadrieh, Foot Surgeon - EvoFoot, Studio City
DrChrono helps nearly 70,000 doctors and 3 million patients with their electronic health records and billing needs. DrChrono recently was added to the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing companies in America and in an independent survey of over 22,000 doctors, was voted #1 EHR for iPad two years in a row.
Interested in learning more? Please contact us to set up a demo of our advanced billing services.