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An EHR That Relieves Allergy & Immunology Providers

EHR and Billing Solution for Allergy and Immunology Practices

Ranked #1 EHR by Blackbook in 2020
DrChrono EHR is a robust and flexible all-in-one platform that makes scheduling, clinical, and billing work seamless for Allergists and Immunologists.

Shot schedule forms allow you to track build-up and maintenance shots over several appointments.

Fast charting with pre-built allergy and immunology forms, integrated labs and medical speech-to-text to annotate as you speak.

Easy allergen test management with customizable chart templates that include Free Draw, where you can upload and annotate images of skin tests, and attach it directly into the patient’s chart.

Improved medication adherence with advanced reporting to ensure patients keep up with their immunotherapy schedules.

Easy vial or inventory management by quantity, expiration date, and more within DrChrono EHR.

All aspects of medical billing managed with DrChrono RCM the moment your patient walks in. Enjoy a full billing service including coding, submission, denial resolution, dedicated support from certified RCM specialists and financial reports.

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Clean Claims Rate

17 Million

Patients cared for