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New Day Therapy Uses DrChrono RCM to Empower their Clinicians & Community

Meet Russ Philpott
Russ Philpott graduated in 1997 with his Master’s Degree in Counselor Education and started his counseling career in Marietta, OH after completing his internship at Marietta Memorial’s Chemical Dependency Unit. He worked for 15 years in community mental health before entering into private practice. Russ opened New Day Therapy with his wife Mandy in 2018.
As an experienced therapist, Russ Philpott leans into the complicated parts of life that many of us are hesitant to talk about. After graduating from Ohio University, he began his career in 1997 in community mental health, where he worked for 15 years. Though rewarding, he wanted to provide more personal care so he decided to start working in smaller, private practices, eventually leading him to consider starting a practice of his own.
“I always had an idea about being an owner and creating a vision and place where people would feel really comfortable addressing those things that are hard to address with their own mental health.”
Russ and his business partner sealed the deal on their new office, and while shopping for EHR software online, he and his wife Mandy came across DrChrono. They were impressed by the mobility, customizable features, and a software that could easily coordinate scheduling, note completion and billing all from one platform.
To top it off, they found the sales process stress-free and a refreshing change from the aggressive pitches they’d previously heard.
“When you start to research EMRs, it is insane the number of them that are out there and the high pressure sales that you get. It’s an investment, like buying a car or a house. It can really make or break your practice,” says Russ’ wife Mandy, who handles New Day’s finances.
“We sat through 3 or 4 different demos and we were more confused through each one...that’s where DrChrono hit the mark. They didn’t just show us the software. They showed us how it would work for us.”
They initially hired their own medical billers, but after the business partnership ended, Russ and Mandy needed to figure out how to continue running a practice while also taking care of clients.
Towards the end of the partnership, Russ and Mandy decided to take advantage of DrChrono’s revenue cycle management services in order to start their own private practice and put their focus on patient care. It was a daunting idea at first but fortunately, their DrChrono account manager helped them navigate the complicated billing processes that had previously seemed too complicated.
“That’s part of what gave me the confidence to open up New Day Therapy and try it again. I knew I had someone who was a good resource and who was willing to take the time to explain and guide us through that process.”
New Day works with anyone from the ages 5+ who struggle with conditions ranging from depression and anxiety to addiction. Because they also employ 3 clinicians, the couple appreciates the claim transparency and frequent remittance and payment analysis reports which have made a positive financial impact. In November 2019, 100% of their claims had been paid within 60 days.
“We wanted to be a place not just for the community to come to, but for the people that we employ to feel like they’re doing something important and give them the tools to be successful. And with this software, I feel like we’ve been able to give them the tools to do that,” Mandy says.
In fact, New Day was recently nominated for New Business of the Year in 2019 by their local Chamber of Commerce. Between raising a family and running their own business, Russ and Mandy’s days are hardly ever 100% stress free, but having a reliable EHR and billing solution has eased a significant chunk of the burden.