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Oncologist Study

Dr. Linsey Gold
Surgical Breast Oncologist, Michigan Center for Breast Health | Flint, MI
Everything about DrChrono screams efficiency. I’ve used several other EHR alternatives and DrChrono is the best of all of them. The iPad app makes it incredibly easy for me to have access to what I need, when I need it: I do my own breast ultrasounds in the office and those images are easily importable into the patient record, so when I go to surgery I just take three seconds and pull the image up on my iPad.
Practice Background
Dr. Linsey Gold is one of the nation’s foremost experts in breast cancer surgery. She only operates on breast cancer cases and is known for a lot more than just her expertise. Her office is anything but typical; it has been featured in Michigan media with its sumptuously painted walls, unique office curtains and... no white coats. The impeccably dressed Dr. Gold is known to be available for her patients around the clock, even moving personal plans just to accommodate patient schedules. All of this makes Dr. Gold incredibly popular; she has a staff of four who help her manage over 2000 new patient visits and 400 surgeries per year.
In the Office
Dr. Gold and her staff utilize DrChrono’s EHR and Apollo Plus full service billing services to efficiently manage her extremely busy office. Before her appointments, Dr.Gold’s staff use both the iPad and desktop version of DrChrono to schedule, check-in employees and utilize inter-office messaging to efficiently communicate with one another.
Once a patient is seen, charting and patient billing are a breeze. Dr. Gold is a super-user of DrChrono’s customizable features, which she has utilized to optimize her time with clients. She has customized all of her medical form templates to chart by each client type. Dr.Gold charts quickly and easily after every client visit using DrChrono’s medical-speech-to-text. As soon as Dr.Gold’s notes are complete, DrChrono’s billing team takes over to process billing for each case. Additionally, she is able to send a fax of all relevant notes from her EHR to a patient’s primary care physician in seconds.
Most conveniently, Dr. Gold is able to take her in-office ultrasounds, which have been seamlessly uploaded to her DrChrono iPad, into the operating room where she uses them as guides for surgery. Should a patient need to communicate with Dr. Gold post-surgery, they can use DrChrono’s HIPAA compliant messaging system to easily stay in touch.
Finally, he has found that he is able to create a comprehensive medical assessment via voice, thereby providing more context than traditional notes.
  • Easy ChartingMedical forms are completely customizable and can be filled with medical speech-to-text
  • Pain-free billingBilling starts as soon as charting is complete - billing reports are easy to access in the EHR
  • Efficient faxingPatient referrals and charts can be faxed to a primary care physician or specialists in seconds from the EHR
  • Integrated imagingImaging, like ultrasounds, are integrated into the DrChrono EHR for easy access on the web, iPad or iPhone
  • HIPAA-compliant messagingInter-office and patient messaging is a breeze with integrated messaging in the EHRfrom the EHR