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Achieving a Higher Standard of Mental Health and Hyper Growth

Meet Dr. Jospitre

Dr. Jacques Jospitre, Jr. is a Board Certified Psychiatrist focused on treating patients to help them achieve lasting improvements in all areas of their lives. Dr. Jospitre holds an M.D. from Mt, Sinai School of Medicine and an M.B.A. from the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College. He is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and is a member of the American Psychiatric Association.

Meet Dr. Ratush

Dr. Edward Ratush is a Board Certified Psychiatrist who specializes in addiction treatment. Dr. Ratush holds an M.D. from Boston University School of Medicine and trained at Rutgers University with his residency completed at Mt. Sinai Medical Center. He is certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and the American Board of Addiction Medicine.

About the Practice

Dr. Jospitre and Dr. Ratush founded SohoMD in 2011 to provide high-quality, comprehensive mental health services while expanding access to those in need. This modern psychiatry group with over 40 providers and two locations aims to grow to add more providers and one more location in the near future.
% Change In the last 18 months
Providers 261.5% Increase (13→47)
Patients 635% Increase
Monthly Visits 127% Increase

The Business Challenge

"When your EHR doesn’t work, you don’t have time to get to know people. You spend less quality time with your family. You spend less quality time with your staff. You spend less quality time with your patients. This impacts the quality and efficiency of the work performed, and takes away from the joys of life."
Dr. Ratush and Dr. Jospitre completed residency together and went on to successful individual careers. Years later, they came together with the vision of creating a new standard of mental health for a larger number of patients.
This led to their founding of SohoMD. Dr. Jospitre and Dr. Ratush began their practice using a psychiatry-specific EHR. Initially, their EHR seemed to fit their needs in mental health services, but they soon began to realize their practice had outgrown their first EHR. It could not meet their needs beyond the narrow scope of mental health services. In addition, the EHR provider was slow to innovate or update their software.
Technology in psychiatric medicine was moving very fast and their EHR was not allowing them to advance in a way that they could stay up to date with their standard of care. Promised features or product updates did not materialize, and SohoMD felt stuck in its workflow, interaction with patients, and provider experience. Once they began seeing their growth impaired they knew they needed an alternative solution.

The Solution

When it came to finding a new EHR for their practice, SohoMD knew what they needed and for what purpose.
They needed an EHR that:
  1. Drove efficiency and was easy to learn fornew providers and staff
  2. Is both flexible and scalable to be replicatedacross multiple providers and locations
  3. Allowed integrations with third party healthcare solutions through API
After thorough research and investigation, they found DrChrono EHR.

Usability and Efficiency

"Usability was important because no matter how great a feature might be if my staff cannot figure it out, the feature might as well not exist. DrChrono EHR was incredibly intuitive and we got our entire practice onboard very quickly.” - Dr. Jospitre
For SohoMD, being a practice with 13 providers meant that they needed an EHR that could be operated by people with diverging familiarity with using technology and did not require a complex onboarding process. Overall their transition to DrChrono EHR platform went smoothly, with some providers grasping the software with little to no necessary training, yet having access to a dedicated implementation specialist when questions arose.

Clinical Efficiency

Customizable workflows and forms allowed Dr. Jospitre and Dr. Ratush to create the practice they had envisioned. Appointment statuses were tailored so they could track every step of the appointment and give the patient and doctor insight into what steps were next. Given multiple providers may have to provide the initial evaluation, having a flexible system that can be customized to fit their unique needs was critical in providing a comprehensive service. As for the clinical sessions or treatments, SohoMD worked with DrChrono to add shortcuts, such as smart switches. These shortcuts could automatically fill in notes with the flick of a switch and populate different questions accounting for different scenarios. DrChrono also helped SohoMD develop smart reports to flag patients who had not scheduled follow-up appointments and manage their patient population.
One of the features that stands out is the ability to electronically prescribe substances and other medications in a safe and secure manner anywhere using iPad, iPhone or web. Given that Psychopharmacology is a central service SohoMD provides, they knew that to help patients manage their medications they would need to be able to monitor medication compliance, while also avoiding dangerous drug interactions. The two-factor authentication and ability to track medication history allowed SohoMD to continue to help patients while monitoring and managing the meds to keep their use at a healthy level. The drug interaction feature was also able to alert doctors of any possibly dangerous medication combinations.

Work-life balance without performance loss

"Over 70% of physicians spend over 10 hours a week on administrative tasks"
DrChrono helped SohoMD tackle the top contributors of physician burnout, such as charting, paperwork, hours spent at work, and computerization of practice. With DrChrono the majority of SohoMD’s charting and paperwork was reduced to create a virtually paperless practice. The DrChrono platform offers the solutions that make it easier for providers to get their work done in the clinic so they don’t have to stay late or bring work home. The results showed in their provider retention -- their ability to reduce provider burnout allowed them to grow from 13 providers to 47 in the last 18 months.
Hours per Week Spent on Paperwork and Administartion
  • Less than 5 11%
  • 5- 9 18%
  • 10 - 19 38%
  • 20 or more 32%

Scalable Platform that Grows with the Practice

SohoMD needed to scale quickly to be able to meet their mission to expand access to mental health. As they continued to add providers both in the office and virtually, they needed an EHR that was replicable across multiple clinic setups to handle the growth, while streamlining administrative tasks through automation. The ability to automate enabled SohoMD to create consistency across multiple locations within the business practice. Integrated billing software within DrChrono EHR platform allows their in-house billers to be able to process a larger number of claims in a timely manner without the need to spend additional time coding repetitive claims.
Some of the features that allowed scalability by eliminating the need for staff involvement:
  • Automated email, phone, and text reminders•Missing follow-ups reports
  • Tasks flexibly assigned for outreach andfollow-ups
  • Integrated scheduling, outcomesassessments, reputation management,satisfaction surveys, and more.
  • Patient portal
More often than not, mental health patients required active communication, and OnPatient, DrChrono’s patient portal, enabled SohoMD to get a direct connection to patients. The portal allows patients to communicate directly with providers and staff while maintaining HIPAA compliance. In addition, OnPatient also allows for patient payments online, streamlining patient collections to give staff more time for other priority tasks.

Open API + Mobility = More Patients, Better Care

"(DrChrono) has a great ecosystem, where other companies can make complementary solutions that integrate into the EHR."
SohoMD’s desire and ability to conduct virtual medical services required a platform that supported easy integration with third-party telemed solutions. DrChrono’s open and robust API ended up being a large factor in their decision to pick DrChrono.
Through telehealth, SohoMD is able to see patients who would otherwise not have access to their type of services in general. What's best is that this care can be given to patients using any device available to them, phone, iPad, or web. Patients have direct access to their providers when they need it, wherever they may need it
Besides provider retention, an increase in patient volume created growth that was closely linked to their ability to conduct telehealth appointments supported by automated processes. The number of virtual sessions held goes above 100 a week. Additionally, the number of monthly visits has more than doubled, which is made possible by automated follow-up process that facilitates patient adherence to treatment and ensures continuous patient visits. Providers are now able to provide services to more patients without sacrificing quality of care.
Easy Integration with Apps
SohoMD also explored DrChrono’s extensive list of partners and were able to discover an emerging technology at the forefront of the Psychiatry field, such as testing to find medication that works with a patients genetics. They integrated with several specialized apps and solutions, making them one of the most prepared and efficiently run practices ready to tackle the needs of a modern psychiatry practice.


SohoMD has achieved a lot in the last 18 months. Their use of DrChrono EHR, mobile solutions, and open API has equipped their practice to be positioned in a place where they can provide a higher standard of mental health care for a large number of patients.