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EPCS Compliant Nationwide

e-Prescribe controlled substances via iPad, iPhone or Computer with the DrChrono EHR system.

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Legally & Securely e-Prescribe Schedule II-V Drugs on iPhone, iPad, and Computers

  • EPCS built into clinical workflow enabling convenient e-prescription across all devices.
  • Fully compliant with DEA, NIST and Surescripts requirements.
  • Send prescriptions from anywhere with the highest level of security and fraud protection.
  • Easy two-factor soft token authentication.
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Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse and Fraud

  • Reduce drug abuse with visibility into patient’s complete drug prescription history.
  • Prevent fraudulent prescriptions related to stolen or falsified paper prescription pads.
  • Avoid doctor shoppers with built-in monitoring tools.
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Improve Patient Care and Experience with GPS Locator and eRx

  • Use iPhone or iPad GPS location to automatically display local pharmacies.
  • Save your patients’ time with "ready on arrival” prescriptions.
  • Eliminate prescription paperwork.
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Upgrade your DrChrono plan to include EPCS

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Activate EPCS

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Tayma S. Shaya M.D



Having EPCS has simplified and secured our triplicate workload and is a big patient satisfier!


Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few simple steps:

  1. Upgrade your DrChrono plan to include EPCS
  2. Download the ID.me mobile app on your device for your two factor authentication soft token
  3. Verify your identity

There is almost no difference in the process of prescribing controlled substances than any other prescriptions. There are mainly 3 differences:

  1. DrChrono will alert you if your prescription is a controlled substance and your prescription must be sent from your EPCS registered office.
  2. DrChrono will alert you if your chosen pharmacy can accept prescriptions of controlled substances.
  3. When you sign off on your prescription, use the two-factor authentication soft token provided by your ID.me mobile app

You can follow the instructions here to check or update your software to use EPCS.


Got more questions? Email us at sales@drchrono.com