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Become a Certified Consultant

Want to learn how to become an on site DrChrono support expert?

White Glove Service - Extended

Trust. It’s at the root of the patient-doctor bond and similarly at the root of the practitioner-practice advisor relationship. Through the DrChrono consultant network we aim to bolster on-site trainers and support teams with the additional hands-on service they desire where and when practices need it most.

Grow Your Toolkit

As a DrChrono certified consultant you’ll gain access to the consultant panel within the DrChrono platform, a powerful tool to help you build your client base, as well as access to dedicated support.

After completing the DrChrono consultant certification, you’ll be up to speed on patient data, referrals, labs, medical billing, eRx, customized medical form templatespractice managementrevenue cycle management and more.

Endorse and recommend DrChrono to your customers to help them get the solution they need while enjoying incentives for your effort.