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Guidelines for build.drchrono.com

This post sets out the rules for use of the DrChrono UserVoice community found at build.drchrono.com

General Usage

Do share your ideas and knowledge of the DrChrono platform with each other and ask questions to get help. Our technical support team does review the forum periodically to provide answers however, if you need more immediate support contact us at drchrono.com/help.

More generally, although we may monitor, we do not actively monitor the contents of the forums, and we are not under any obligation to do so. Each member is solely responsible and liable for the contents of their own postings, and we are not responsible in any way for the content or opinions expressed therein. We have the right, but not the obligation, to remove, edit or move, at any time, any material posted to the forums, in each case as we deem appropriate.

Interaction with Others

This forum is for the discussion of topics directly related to the DrChrono platform. To ensure the forum remains constructive, please follow these guidelines: treat forum members with respect; do not attack forum members, including staff; do not post private or confidential information to the forums; do not engage in thread "bumping", name calling, profanity, or posting offensive materials. We reserve the right to remove threads and/or posts that do not follow these guidelines that are pointed out to us.

Patient Privacy

Patient information must be kept strictly confidential. You are responsible for compliance with all applicable patient privacy requirements, e.g. HIPAA in the United States. Posts containing patient information, screenshots with patient information, or the like are not permitted and we reserve the right to remove such threads and/or posts that are pointed out to us.

If you need to privately contact DrChrono for technical support, when providing an example of a bug, the sample data must be used to hide patient data.


We value customer feedback. It is an important resource for us in focusing our development priorities and providing customers features they want. Providing us feedback is not required; however, if you do provide us feedback then in order to ensure that we are able to implement your feedback, the following license will apply: If you provide drchrono.com inc ("drchrono") any suggestions for correction or enhancement (collectively "Feedback"), you are granting DrChrono a perpetual, non-terminable license under any and all copyrights and/or patents to use Feedback in connection with DrChrono's products and services and to make, have made, use, sell, modify, sublicense, copy, distribute and otherwise exploit its products and services with Feedback.