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DrChrono's Virtual Healthcare Hackathon 2021

December 1, 2020 (7:00 am EST) – January 19th, 2021 (11:45pm EST)

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Winners of DrChrono’s Virtual Healthcare Hackathon!

Founders Choice

Messenger Bot for Patients

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Discover - Book a Healthcare Appointment Anywhere, Anytime.

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Doctor's Choice


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Pocket Nurse, with you in sickness and in health

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Patients Choice

CureSense, voice-biomarker based tuberculosis screening tool

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Healthy Mind

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Engineers Choice


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Clinic Attendant

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Modern Health Solutions

Remind me, Doc

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Covid19 Immunization and Vaccination System

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Dr Helper

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DrChrono envisions a healthcare ecosystem that is revolutionized by technology through interdisciplinary collaboration. We believe that real change and progress can be made in the healthcare tech space only when joining forces across providers (psychology, psychiatry, etc) technology, entrepreneurship, and more.


Our mission is to inspire, enable, and empower the world’s leading hub of healthcare technology advocates by:

  • Fostering an inclusive community of changemakers, thought leaders, health care providers, and industry experts
  • Accelerating innovation through thought leadership, resources, tools, and connection
  • Guiding the evolution of health tech to ensure a positive and ethical social impact on the world
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A Message from Our Cofounder

DrChrono would love to invite designers and developers to innovate new and refreshing tools to improve the Healthcare Ecosystem! We believe the best solutions in healthcare are built with technology prowess and an innovative spirit, not just from clinical expertise. So as a tech-forward developer, put yourself in the shoes of a Doctor, their patients, or their staff and build something that will bring their practice into the modern age of healthcare.

Throughout 2020, COVID-19 made a noticeable impact on the healthcare landscape. As the needs of patients and doctors across the country evolve, it’s important that the supporting technologies keep pace. DrChrono’s API provides developers the opportunity to do just that. Whether you build with a Primary Care Physician, Cardiologist, or Urgent Care Clinic in mind, you can make an immediate impact and build cutting edge tools on our platform.

Here are some questions to think about as you decide what to build:

  • How can we get Doctors to spend more time treating and connecting with patients?
  • How can we help patients find amazing doctors? How should doctors balance in-person visits vs telehealth visits?
  • What type of data can patients provide to their doctor for better health insights?
  • Can wearable technology be a useful diagnostic tool?
  • How can doctors create the very best patient experience?

We know there are many questions still to be uncovered and we encourage you to think outside of the box! Please develop any features, functionality, or applications that spark your interest and make sense on top of our API.

Here are some needs that Doctors may look for:

  • Online Scheduling Tools
  • Practice Communication Platform
  • Data Exchange from Doctor to Patient
  • Reporting Health Analytics
  • Intake & Outcome Management

All submissions will be considered for all categories for a chance to win a prize!

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$15,210 in prizes

Founders Choice (2)

Prizes include:

  • $1,000
  • Apple iPad Pro 11inch 256gb (valued at $990)
  • Apple Pencil (Valued at $140)
  • Virtual Meeting with the Cofounders!
  • DrChrono Swag (Valued $25)

Doctor's Choice (2)

Prizes include:

  • $1,000
  • Apple iPad Pro 256gb (valued at $990)
  • DrChrono Swag (Valued $25)

Patient Experience (2)

Prizes include:

  • $1,000
  • Apple Watch Series 6 (valued at $435)
  • DrChrono Swag (Valued $25)
  • Amazon Gift Card $100

Modern Health Solutions (4)

Prizes include:

  • $500
  • Apple Gift card $100
  • DrChrono Swag (Valued $25)

Engineers Choice (2)

Prizes include:

  • $500
  • Apple Gift card $100
  • DrChrono Swag (Valued $25)


  • A link to your solution (working software, mockups, documentation, etc.)
  • A link to your code repo (GitHub etc.) Public
  • A slide deck (MS PowerPoint or similar) explaining your solution (or prototype)
  • A 5 minute video: 1 minute to review the slide deck, 4 minutes demoing the product
  • A list of the technologies and data sets used and a brief explanation of how they were used


Photo of DrChrono CEO and Co-founder, Michael Nusimow

Michael Nusimow

CEO and Cofounder of DrChrono

Photo of DrChrono CEO and Co-founder, Michael Nusimow

Daniel Kivatinos

COO and Cofounder of DrChrono

Photo of Dr. Ali Sadrieh, DPM

Dr. Ali Sadrieh, DPM

Founder of evo Advanced Foot Surgery

Photo of DrChrono SVP of Engineering, Shahram Famorzadeh

Shahram Famorzadeh

SVP of Engineering at DrChrono

Photo of VP of People & Culture, Lyndsay Donhoff

Lyndsay Donhoff

VP of People & Culture at DrChrono

Photo of DrChrono VP of Sales, Marjon Nik-Khah

Marjon Harvey

VP of Sales at DrChrono

Photo of Director of Engineering, Steve Goldberg

Steve Goldberg

Director of Engineering at DrChrono

Photo of Director of Marketing, Angie Morales

Angie Morales

Director of Marketing at DrChrono

Judging Criteria

Overall Appeal

How does the entry feel visually?

Patient Usefulness

Does it address the needs of a patient?

Physician Usefulness

Can a physician integrate it into their workflow?

Visual Accessibility

Can the most important information be easily found?



Machine Learning/ AI