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Trust. It’s at the root of the patient-doctor bond and similarly at the root of the practitioner-practice advisor relationship. Through the DrChrono consultant network we aim to raise awareness about DrChrono EHR and billing platform, bolster on-site training and support with the additional hands-on service they desire when practices need it. If your clients are looking to you for advice on a new EHR, PM, or RCM service, we encourage you to apply for the DrChrono Consultant Program.

How do I get certified?

In order to become a basic DrChrono practice consultant, start with signing up for a DrChrono account and get yourself verified.

What is a DrChrono Consultant?

As a DrChrono certified consultant you’ll gain access to DrChrono education, support and your unique consultant form to track your clients’ progress and stay in the loop to assist your clients. We may also refer practices in your local area that may need your support and services.

As a DrChrono certified consultant you’ll get the Consultant Panel, a powerful tool to help you manage all your clients on DrChrono within one dashboard.

After completing the DrChrono consultant certification, you’ll be up to speed on patient data, referrals, labs, medical billing, eRx, customized medical form templates, practice management, revenue cycle management and more.

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Certification Levels



Level 1

With this certification, you will have working knowledge of DrChrono platform and services that will help you objectively recommend the appropriate DrChrono services that can benefit your clients.
Evaluate DrChrono for your clients.


Implementation Manager

Level 2

Become a preferred on-site Implementation Manager for your clients converting to DrChrono and other future DrChrono Implementations.



Level 3

Become a preferred on-site Trainer and Project Manager for your clients converting to DrChrono and DrChrono clients, new and pre-existing.


Full Support

Level 4

Become the preferred on-site consultant for all DrChrono related services for current and future DrChrono clients.

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