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HELIX Medical Practice & Equipment Financing



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You’re not just managing a practice, you’re running a business.  With the cost of acquiring new patients, covering payroll for staff, and ensuring that you’ve got the cutting-edge equipment and technologies needed to remain competitive, sometimes you run into cash flow issues.  A basic line of credit just won’t cut it.

Enter Helix.

Powered by Kapitus, an online lender that has assisted over 40,000 businesses with low cost financing since 2006, HELIX is a medical practice financing program that was established to fit the specific needs of independent medical practices. Medical professionals face unique challenges, and Helix addresses these changes with medical specific underwriting, rates and terms - without the slow and inefficient process you’ve come to expect from other lenders.

Why Choose HELIX for Your Practice?: With proven experience providing affordable financing to independent practices, full credit spectrum lending (it’s ok if your credit isn’t perfect!), and a suite of financing solutions, Kapitus is the trusted partner you need to help you sustain and grow your practice.

Popular Uses of HELIX Medical Financing: Working Capital, Practice Expansion, Payroll, Debt Consolidation, Equipment Purchase, New Practice Purchase Financing, and more.

Through Helix you will get:

  • Medical Practice specific underwriting requirements
  • Financing from $10K to $5MM
  • Flexible rates and terms as long as 10 years
  • Financing options for those with less than perfect credit
  • Simple application process

How It Works

  1. Complete the Kapitus online application or learn more at (800)-269-9372
  2. Work directly with a dedicated Kapitus medical financing specialist to find the program that best fits your needs
  3. Choose an offer and sign agreements
  4. Financing disbursed in as little as one day