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Mobile Medicine Fills the Gaps in Senior Care

Meet Dr. Rahamanian
Dr. Bob Rahamanian is a Board Certified Emergency Physician and Co-founder of Zumedic, where he works as CTO and Chief Medical Officer. He leverages technology to empower physicians at Zumedic to provide quality care, especially to underserved groups including seniors. He holds a D.O. from Des Moines University and has worked in emergency and urgent care facilities throughout SW Florida.
Meet Dr. Liu
Dr. Jim Liu is a Board Certified Physician and Co-founder of Zumedic. His passion for technology has helped him find ways to provide higher quality mobile care to the patients that need it most. He holds an M.D. from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and received his B.A. in Economics from Harvard.
In 2011, Bob Rahmanian, DO and Jim Liu, MD met while working at the Physicians Regional Medical System in Naples, Florida. Dr. Rahamanian and Dr. Liu bonded quickly over their shared belief that the latest mobility technologies, telemedicine, and interoperability could offer much more to healthcare. As they shared ideas, the two doctors saw that they could realize their vision by starting a technologypowered practice together.

The Business Challenge

“Our providers are on the go constantly. We sometimes see patients in four or five different facilities in one day.”
- Dr. Rahamanian
With superior mobile care for underserved populations as their mission, Dr. Rahamanian and Dr. Liu founded Zumedic in 2016. Now they run a successful and fast-growing post-acute care practice seeing patients in skilled nursing facilities in the Naples and Fort Myers region. But it wasn’t easy. When they started Zumedic, Dr. Liu and Dr. Rahmanian faced some of the biggest challenges in mobile care:
  • Coordinating care across facilities and among patients with varying levels of need
  • Maintaining a consistent patient volume
  • Spending more time with patients and less time on documentation
  • Dispatching providers throughout the region efficiently
  • Meeting requirements of facilities and hospitals
With providers visiting patients all across the region, Zumedic needed to prioritize patients’ needs while coordinating providers’ schedules and travel. This coordination was a full-time job all on its own. Because Zumedic provides care for assisted living facilities, they needed to develop and maintain relationships with these institutions in order to earn a consistent patient volume. Furthermore, many of these institutions had strict requirements, which would mean far more time spent on paperwork for each patient in order to prove compliance. Finally, as a mobile practice, providers had to be on site to see their patients, so appointments needed to be scheduled to maximize the number of patients they could see and minimize the time they spent on the road.
The Zumedic team also faced the challenges that all new practices face:
  • Finding new patients
  • Profitability
  • Delivering reliable quality care
  • Job satisfaction and retention of providers
Despite these daunting challenges, Dr. Rahamanian and Dr. Liu were confident that they could leverage technology to create a successful practice.


“Our providers use tablets and iPhones in the field so having a fully functional electronic health record on our tablets was the right choice for us.”
- Dr. Rahamanian
As a mobile practice, Zumedic needed the best mobile EHR in the market. With providers seeing patients all over the region, they sought a solution that would allow them to instantly consult, chart and update cloud-based data.
Care Coordination
“I like the mobile aspect of DrChrono. It’s so easy to use it wherever. You can use it in the patient’s room, at home, in the facility, you have endless options.”
- Debra Dooley, Nurse Practitioner
Having to partner with many different care facilities, Zumedic needed a way to consolidate and interpret all of the disparate information they were receiving. This meant organizing and exchanging documents from not only living facilities, but hospitals, and family members as well.
Zumedic also had to find a way to schedule patients in the most efficient way possible, which was more difficult than it sounded. As a mobile practice serving a vulnerable population, Zumedic needed to prioritize the patients with the highest need while minimizing the provider travel distance and time. They also needed to ensure that they continued to follow up with all patients to help address problems before they required hospitalization. For most mobile practices, this type of care coordination is a full-time job. Often, new mobile practices tend to undervalue the importance of this level of care coordination, but Zumedic knew how essential efficient care coordination would be to their success.
Leveraging the DrChrono EHR platform which seamlessly integrates scheduling, EMR, and billing, the tech-savvy team at Zumedic was able to find a way to make the mobile care model feasible and profitable. Zumedic implemented a command center where they collected all patient information, which allowed them to see all their patients in one place, rank them by need, group patients by geography, and coordinate their appointments accordingly
Clinically & Administratively Integrated
“DrChrono’s very to the point, very simple… Anyone from any professional background can use the EMR system and learn it within the day.”
- Tatiana Ortega, Practice Manager
As they grew, Zumedic saw that effective communication and coordination were essential to their success. Knowing this, they sought a comprehensive technology platform that would integrate clinical and administrative tasks under one roof. They found that DrChrono provided everything they needed to manage their practice. Take DrChrono’s e-fax and eRx integrations as an example. Instead of printing reams of faxes and requests for prescriptions at their command center, Zumedic providers were able to communicate within the platform and manage prescriptions, all in the field.
DrChrono helped Zumedic stay in contact with their patients as they used the platform to streamline and track direct communication with patients and their family members. All of this made providers’ lives easier while maximizing turnaround times and patient satisfaction. Most importantly, providers had constant and immediate access to all clinically relevant information, empowering them to make the most informed care decisions.
Patient Outreach & Care
Having to care for mobility challenged patients on site was a problem that they saw in their field, the Zumedic team knew that a key to patient outreach would be establishing partnerships with local care facilities. With many senior patients in the region, forming even a handful of partnerships gave them consistent appointment volume. However, with these partnerships came strict standards for care. Zumedic had to demonstrate their HIPAA compliance, quality of care, coordination, follow-up, and accessibility. DrChrono enabled Zumedic to definitively show their adherence to all these standards and their superior quality of care. Zumedic’s command center had faster response times than competitors and allowed patients to contact providers directly. Moreover, Zumedic used DrChrono to create custom medical forms for each partner that demonstrated their comprehensive quality care and commitment to follow-ups.
More Time Caring, Less Time Documenting
“We wanted something that would allow our providers to spend more time with the patients and less time documenting and charting.”
- Dr. Rahamanian
Many of Zumedic’s care facility partners expected to have visit summaries by the end of the day. Using DrChrono’s charts with smart switches, specialty forms, integrated labs and eRx, Zumedic’s providers are able to spend more time in front of patients and minimal time doing paperwork. This also allowed them to maximize the number of patients they saw while boosting patient satisfaction.
Most providers spend around 60% of their time doing administrative tasks. Zumedic’s providers, on the other hand, only spend around 30% of their time on administration thanks to built in shortcuts and smart forms. This allowed their team a wonderful work-life balance where work days were never more than ten hours. Because all charting could be finished on site, providers didn’t have to take work home unless they wanted to.
Historically, mobile care is one of the most difficult practice formats in healthcare. Using technology, Zumedic was able to rise to the occasion and is now growing at a rate of 40% annually. Today, after only two years, Zumedic partners with more than 17 facilities throughout their region, treating one of society’s most vulnerable populations in a field where most competitors before them had failed.